Friday, March 30, 2012

When Do You Need Transmission Repair?

From grinding and popping to jerking and shaking, several odd engine sounds and vehicle movements can indicate the need for transmission repair on your vehicle. If you begin to notice some of the following common symptoms, you'll want to get your car seen by a qualified mechanic immediately. These types of problems never get better with time, and replacement parts are often extremely expensive!
One of the first warning signs is trouble shifting. If your car shifts roughly or absolutely refuses to shift into gear, you should take it to a car shop immediately for evaluation. Many times, unusual noises begin to occur during driving. The gears may grind as they shift or you may hear a loud humming or buzzing as you accelerate to highway speeds.
Besides weird noises, your car may begin to make some strange movements also. It may jerk as you shift gears or shake as you speed up. Since it's your car, you'll be the first to notice these strange movements. Explain them to the technician along with any other odd symptoms.
Another early indication is leaking fluid. The fluid is typically a pinkish color. It's designed to move throughout the equipment constantly, and doesn't need to be replaced often. If you notice a pinkish or brownish colored liquid leaking under your car, check the fluid level. If it's low, you'll need to take it in immediately so the mechanic can find out where the leak is coming from and replace the lost fluid. Since it's designed to lubricate and cool mechanical parts that would otherwise become very hot, low fluid should never be ignored.
If the check engine light on your car's dashboard lights up, you should always take the car in to be seen and evaluated by a professional. The check engine light is designed to illuminate when something in the engine is not running smoothly and it may indicate a problem with the transmission as well. Usually the mechanic will obtain printed information from your vehicle's computer which gives him a clue to the problem.
A final indication is a burnt smell coming from your engine. You may smell it while you're driving or you may notice it when you get out of the car after a drive. This smell can be caused by overheating fluid. Once again, check to see the color and level of the fluid. If it's low or is assuming a brownish color, you will probably need to have some transmission repair work done along with replacing the fluid. The fact that the fluid is overheating indicates that the various mechanical parts aren't moving smoothly together. Instead they're rubbing roughly and causing friction, which causes the heat that overheats the fluid and turns it the burnt brown color.
If you begin experiencing problems with your transmission, it's important that you take your car in to be seen by a professional as soon as possible. Transmission repair is much less expensive than getting the entire part replaced.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Truck Decals Help Design and Define the Rig

Your rig will look like a dream machine with custom decals and specially made truck decals designed to identify your firm with high-class and style. Whether you are a small businessman, independent owner / operator, or have a whole fleet of trucks under your command, good quality truck decals can make a very important first impression to the public.
Even if you belong to a professional club, association or any other identifiable group, consider getting custom decals to use your truck as a great advertising medium. With the truck decals in plain sight day after day, your firm is getting a constant stream of viewers and increased brand recognition every time you take it out for a spin for business or pleasure. Everyone knows that a quality decal speaks volumes about the person behind the wheel.
Whether your truck is a big rig or a small fish in the sea of drivers, you will get the respect that you deserve when it's plain to see that yours is one of those truck decals made of superior inks, materials and most importantly, get your contact information printed up correctly.
There are some companies that specialize in pickup truck decals, others that specialize in semi truck decals and others that specialize in both.
When it comes to truck decals, it pays to double-check with the Better Business Bureau before you place a serious order. It pays to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable printing firm. It's easier to be wise in choosing a reputable truck decals manufacturer before money passes hands, because frankly speaking, there is no telling when, or how, your investment will be returning to you if the deal isn't satisfactorily completed.
Truck decals can be made of several different, attractive, and weather resistant materials. There are chrome (shiny) or brushed chrome custom decals. White reflective vinyl decals will make your company logo really stand out. With your choice of custom or standard shapes, any unique design can be created for these custom decals.
Who uses truck decals? Just about anyone who does business from their truck or belongs to a company or organization that requires a truck's general services. A car or bicycle dealership may also use a truck for various needs and service. This is a great opportunity to advertise your firm on a service vehicle that is being used on a frequent, if not every day basis.
Once you decide which design you like the best, make sure that the digital proof is error free and looks like you want it to, and that if you have specific colors you need, you've specified those colors. The standard time to fill an order is generally five or six working days, but if you are in a big rush, alternate options are available for an additional small rush charge.
Pantone Color Matching is what printers use to match color. Because it is the international standard for color, you can have a printer in Timbuktu, Ethiopia print the color you spec from anywhere in the world. In choosing to create truly quality custom decals, you send the message to your peers and your target market that your company is up to date. Custom color matching, digital design and other new graphic developments are among the newest updated design and print techniques.
Truck decal sizing is determined by the length and width of the area of the truck's surface you decide to cover. The size of your decal can't exceed that area, but it's best to think big when you place your order. People who are driving behind or beside you won't be able to read your ad or company identity if it's too small.
Also, if you don't expect your information to change anytime soon, it pays to order a more truck decals than you currently need. If you are able to place a really large order, quantity discounts will help bring the price to a much lower level which adds more to brand recognition and buyer loyalty.
Barry Brown has been in the Sign, Banner, Decal and Display Business for over 20 years. It isn't what he thought he'd do with his life, but he says he knows too much now to do anything else!
He has been marketing these products online since 1998, and the company he was general manager of in 1998 was the first sign company to be listed on Yahoo!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nissan NV200 Named "Taxi of Tomorrow"

New York City has named the innovative Nissan NV200 its "Taxi of Tomorrow." The 2014 Nissan NV200 will replace all currently used cab models by 2018, which is going to outmode approximately 13,237 older cabs.
The Choice
This well-deserved recognition dates back to the 2011 choice made by the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC). When presenting the proposed model to the judges, Nissan faced stiff competition. Ford brought its classic Crown Victoria to the table; a formidable model in its own right, it nevertheless did not contain the modern features the TLC insisted tomorrow's taxi should possess.
At the same time, the collection of nine companies currently in charge of taxi manufacture also brought forward their most popular car models. Even so, none was a match for the revolutionary Nissan NV200. Company insiders note that this honor opens the door to $1 billion in revenues over the next decade. It also highlights that the company is eminently able to design, manufacture, and deliver a public-use vehicle that can travel the estimated annual 70,000 miles the typical New York City cab drives.
What Convinced the Judges?
New York's cabbies net approximately 600,000 fares on a given day. This translates into an estimated 236 million passengers per year. Cab drivers and passengers value environmentally friendly technology that nevertheless delivers all the creature comforts a standard passenger vehicle provides. The Nissan NV200 delivers on all fronts. Anti-microbial upholstery, passenger-controlled air conditioning and heating, USB charging outlets for passenger use, and LED cabin lighting are just a few of the standout features that convinced the TLC. Safety is another major consideration. More than just innovative touches, sliding passenger doors sharply reduce the collision risk for bicyclists when cabs load and unload passengers.
Nissan also committed to collaborate with New York in an effort to enhance the functionality of electric zero emission vehicles. By the end of 2012, Nissan intends to produce six electric cars ready for testing in the local market.
New but Still Iconic
New York's Nissan NV200 cabs are going to be taxicab yellow. The rims will be signature edition versions of standard Nissan rims. Cabins will be bigger, more comfortable for passengers with long legs, and easier to enter and exit because of the appreciably higher roof. It is interesting to note that noise pollution is another issue solved by the sleek new taxis. Low-annoyance horns alert motorists and pedestrians to the cab's presence, but do so at a much more measured decibel level. Tourists are sure to appreciate the transparent roof feature, which gives cab passengers the opportunity to marvel at New York's sights while comfortably and safely seated.
Forward Looking in Every Way
Initially there will be 2,000 accessible models of the NV200 on the streets of New York City. These particular vehicles feature wheelchair access ramps and safety straps, Braille writing within the cabin, and a flat floor. Cab drivers of all models will appreciate power-heated mirrors, six-way adjustable driver seats, passenger exit warning lights, and fuel-efficient 4-cylinder engines. The steel rim package offers a sleek appearance, while rear cabin lighting for passengers offers additional safety for the driver.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Should You Sell A Car On Craigslist?

If you have a used car you no longer need, you may be looking at ways to sell it. You might be considering using Craigslist but have concerns about its safety. There are ways to sell your car successfully and safely using Craigslist.
One advantage of Craigslist over some of the other online sites is that it is local. That means you will not get phone calls or emails from people who are hundreds of miles away and therefore unlikely to purchase your car. Also, Craigslist does not get involved with the price or payment. You and the buyer are able to come to an agreement without any interference and there is no charge for your ad.
Before you get started, you should familiarize yourself with the motor vehicle laws in your state. For example, in Massachusetts the used car has to pass inspection and in Oklahoma, the buyer has 72 hours to change their mind. Many states require you to return the license plates to the Department of Motor Vehicles. In other states, the license plates remain on the vehicle.
You should also get all the paperwork together for your car including the title, lien release, car repair records, etc. A possible buyer will want to examine them. They may also want to see a CarFax or AutoCheck report on the car, so you should get one.
Your ad should include all the details on the vehicle including the year, make, model, mileage, etc. Pricing the car reasonably will help you get serious buyers. You should also include all the positive aspects of the car. Putting a phone number in addition to an email address will make possible buyers feel more comfortable.
Ask callers many questions to determine if they are serious about your car. You will want to ask what kind of car they are interested in, what their price range is, how soon they need it, do they have a family, etc. The more questions you ask, the more you get a feel for whether your car would be appropriate for the person.
Wash the car before you show it and clean and vacuum the interior. This will make it more appealing. Remove all your personal property from the trunk and glove compartment. If you have stickers on the vehicle, remove them too. Take pictures of your car inside and out. The pictures will protect you if the buyer claims there are problems after the sale.
Once you get to the point when someone wants to look at the car, do not show it at your home. Make the appointment to show the car at a public place during the daytime. Do not go alone and take your cell phone with you in case you need to call the police. Accompany the person during the test drive.
Only accept cash, a bank check or postal money order for payment. If you accept a personal check, the buyer could stop payment, or it could bounce leaving you with nothing.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Augmented Reality Driver's Training In a Self Driving Car Simulator on Real Roads

Training young drivers isn't so easy, and it's enough to have you pulling your hair out, well unless you have a death wish and love to live on the edge for just the adrenal rush. One of the best ways to train drivers, other than driving around in one of those dual steering wheeled vehicles with an extra brake pedal, is to use a simulator, virtual reality style, albeit a cruder version than let's say an aircraft simulator.
But what if we could use augmented reality to teach driver's education, perhaps using a robotic driving indestructor, Freudian Slip, I meant to say "instructor" and before you say I am crazy, let me give you some component information as to my plan here, as there is a bit of method to my madness, I think?
Now then, Joseph B. White wrote an interesting article on April 26, 2012 in the Wall Street Journal, perhaps you noted the piece yourself; "Google Seeks Partners for Its Autos," which stated that Google was in contact with all of the major car companies to see if it might license some of its latest self-driving car technologies or partner up with them, a wise choice indeed from my perspective.
Well, how about self-driving cars for driver's training, the car would drive and the student would steer and the car would measure how close the steering, braking, and acceleration controls were applied by the student, against the actual safe driving of the self-driving system, as the controls wouldn't be hooked up but would nevertheless be the ultimate in augmented reality simulation you see? Of course as you know all of the results from the student's performance could be stored in Google's new cloud offering; Drive! Maybe that's why they are calling it drive, it's a test-drive for something bigger?
Eventually, as enough video footage and data was taken, we could make driving simulators so realistic it would actually blow away the jet-fighter simulators in realness. Plus, no one could get hurt, and no driving instructors would have heart problems of nervous breakdowns.
The robotic system would record everything and give the student a pass or fail, or a list of areas of (much) needed improvement, or things to study up on for the future? And if we did this, we could also use the same system and strategy for truck drivers, until all the trucks drive themselves of course, and for student pilot training also. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.