Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nissan NV200 Named "Taxi of Tomorrow"

New York City has named the innovative Nissan NV200 its "Taxi of Tomorrow." The 2014 Nissan NV200 will replace all currently used cab models by 2018, which is going to outmode approximately 13,237 older cabs.
The Choice
This well-deserved recognition dates back to the 2011 choice made by the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC). When presenting the proposed model to the judges, Nissan faced stiff competition. Ford brought its classic Crown Victoria to the table; a formidable model in its own right, it nevertheless did not contain the modern features the TLC insisted tomorrow's taxi should possess.
At the same time, the collection of nine companies currently in charge of taxi manufacture also brought forward their most popular car models. Even so, none was a match for the revolutionary Nissan NV200. Company insiders note that this honor opens the door to $1 billion in revenues over the next decade. It also highlights that the company is eminently able to design, manufacture, and deliver a public-use vehicle that can travel the estimated annual 70,000 miles the typical New York City cab drives.
What Convinced the Judges?
New York's cabbies net approximately 600,000 fares on a given day. This translates into an estimated 236 million passengers per year. Cab drivers and passengers value environmentally friendly technology that nevertheless delivers all the creature comforts a standard passenger vehicle provides. The Nissan NV200 delivers on all fronts. Anti-microbial upholstery, passenger-controlled air conditioning and heating, USB charging outlets for passenger use, and LED cabin lighting are just a few of the standout features that convinced the TLC. Safety is another major consideration. More than just innovative touches, sliding passenger doors sharply reduce the collision risk for bicyclists when cabs load and unload passengers.
Nissan also committed to collaborate with New York in an effort to enhance the functionality of electric zero emission vehicles. By the end of 2012, Nissan intends to produce six electric cars ready for testing in the local market.
New but Still Iconic
New York's Nissan NV200 cabs are going to be taxicab yellow. The rims will be signature edition versions of standard Nissan rims. Cabins will be bigger, more comfortable for passengers with long legs, and easier to enter and exit because of the appreciably higher roof. It is interesting to note that noise pollution is another issue solved by the sleek new taxis. Low-annoyance horns alert motorists and pedestrians to the cab's presence, but do so at a much more measured decibel level. Tourists are sure to appreciate the transparent roof feature, which gives cab passengers the opportunity to marvel at New York's sights while comfortably and safely seated.
Forward Looking in Every Way
Initially there will be 2,000 accessible models of the NV200 on the streets of New York City. These particular vehicles feature wheelchair access ramps and safety straps, Braille writing within the cabin, and a flat floor. Cab drivers of all models will appreciate power-heated mirrors, six-way adjustable driver seats, passenger exit warning lights, and fuel-efficient 4-cylinder engines. The steel rim package offers a sleek appearance, while rear cabin lighting for passengers offers additional safety for the driver.

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